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Epic, unprecedented, fantastic, awe-inspiring, with fanfare. Usually refers to an admirable action, but can also describe anything visually, technically or demonstratively notable or outstanding.
His ability to projectile vomit into the intended receptacle was Olympic.

She strode in 6" Louboutins on the craggy cobblestones of the Meat Packing District in Olympic fashion.
#epic #unprecedented #awesome #oustanding #fierce #radical
by WebDeb January 21, 2013
You waited in line to get a late model iPhone before the price dropped $300 two weeks later, and within increasingly dimished time-frames, New! Improved!! models have already made yours obsolete. Regardless, your thumbs and face are practically adhered to the inevitably shattered screen. You don't even talk of apps with your friends; you just incessantly download more. You can't be without it; you'd do anything to get it back if you lost it. You are an iWhore.
Lola, a prior Crackberry addict, lost hers and got the iPhone 4g. Now she's a total iWhore.
#iphone #crackberry #thoughtless #annoying #blackberry
by WebDeb January 09, 2012
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