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A sweet girl. She is very intelligent, Hilarious. She loves to dance and dance she does. She loves to play Video games and she will never give up. Chloe is a girl you want to meet because it will brighten your day to see her. She may not think she is pretty or beautiful but she is extremely so, If you ever meet her let her know because it may mean the world to her. She the best girl on campus be it college, high school or middle school
Friend: Chloe is awesome
Friend 2: I know she can get it
by Web Design Crew September 01, 2013
Young Black Warrior
Myleek Chase is a sexy young black warrior
by Web Design Crew March 14, 2013
A Wonderful girl. She will be the light of your life or day. She has a dirty mind. She will always be there for you and always try to please you. she likes to play with herself and text her friends she loves her friends like they are family to her.
Marriage Material.
I love Kim M she is the most wonderful girl i have ever had the pleasure to meet. I hope I will marry this chick and she has a nice booty
by Web Design Crew March 16, 2013

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