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1 definition by WeBeTheCrew

Elizabeth Egan Gillies. Born on July 26, 1993. The most underrated of the Victorious Trio (Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, and Elizabeth Gillies). Also known as Liz Gillies, she is known for her soulful voice, stunning beauty, and banging body. Best known for playing Jade West (goth frenemy of main character Tori Vega) on Victorious. She is looked upon as being the mature yet easygoing of the Trio.

She is essentially the kind of girl that you would want if you're into the mature, yet laid back kind of girl. She's the kind of girl that deserves the utmost respect from any guy that comes her way. You'll never hear anyone compare her to any of the loose and crazy girls of Hollywood. No, no, no. Liz is far above that. So don't expect to see her turn out crazy like Amanda Bynes or come out with a sex tape. She's currently working on her debut alternative rock album, so considering how incredibly amazing her singing is, it's sure to be one hell of an album.

Any guy that dates and/or marries her is considered to be one of the luckiest guys in the entire world.
Everyone else be swooning over Victoria Justice or Ariana Grande; but me, I prefer the lovely songstress/actress known as Elizabeth Gillies.
by WeBeTheCrew April 22, 2013
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