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I am the walrus.
Bob: What does (:3= mean?
Ted: I am the walrus.
Bob: What?
Ted: I don't know, its gibberish from The Beatles.
Bob: The what?
Ted: I will Falcon Punch you.
*Ted Falcon Punches Bob*
by We is scientists December 23, 2009
A teenager who either acts stupid, has a brain fart and acts stupid, acts as is they've had a lobotomy, or acts like Riff Randall: Rock 'N' Roller.
1. After skipping school for three days to be the first in line to buy Ramones tickets...
Principal Togar: Kate, I am really surprised at you. I thought you would serve as a model for the rest of the school, not as an accomplice to delinquency.
Kate: Well, she's my friend.
Principal Togar: A friend that will lead you down the road to expulsion.
Riff: I'm a teenage lobotomy.

2. Guy: Dude, here's the deal, I'm going to go and talk to...
Girl: Hey boys, what's up?
Guy: What's up? So... what was I talking about? I just totally forgot.
Guy 2. Dude, what a teenage lobotomy.

3. Ummmmm, I was like umm, going home today ummm, and I like ummm, saw something and it was like uhhhh, something cool.
That's it? That's all you saw was something that was cool?
Uh huh.
What was it?
Ummmm, I don't know.
You took all that time to tell me something and you don't even know what you were talking about.
Wow dude, what a teenage lobotomy.
by We is scientists December 24, 2009

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