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There are the private old school, polo shirt & loafer wearing preppies that summer in Nantucket and love sailing, rugby, squash, etc. Then there are the public school, mall shopping, Abercrombie and Finch wearing preppies who love football. You can even hear the difference in their grammar (Old school don't use valley girl as do public school) and speech. For instance when a person says apple, car and please. Old school would say "for instance", Public school says "like".

They are two different groups. Public school preps (PSP) have a tendency to "need" to point out to others they are popular while in high school. Where an old school prep (OSP) is concerned with family pride and life style that lasts into adulthood and until they die. True the OSP made say something not nice BUT they are polite most of the time. PSP often are rude to others. Want to get back at a PSP? Tell them they are not OPS which is what they are imitating whether they realize it or not. When they say they are, ask them when their family arrive in America was it over 200 years ago? Or when the last time they went sailing?

Preppy is slang for preparatory school. A pubic high school, though provides a good education, is not prep-school where students take college level classes. There should be two different names for old school prep (OSP) and public school prep (PSP).
OSP Girl: "Daniel, a PSP is waving at you." PSP Girl says to Nathanial: "Oh, My, God ! Dan, I have not seen you in sooooo long." Grabs at Daniel for a hug. Daniel unhappy but polite: "Hi, ah...Niki. What are you doing here?" "I can't believe I ran into you...OMG It is totally awesome to see you...Do you like my preppy new shoes?" OSP Girl: "Hello, I am sorry to interrupt your conversation but we are on our way to meet some of our friends. It was a pleasure meeting you." PSP: OMG it was totally awesome to run into you. We should get together. Wait let me send you a text."
by We Have Been Here March 10, 2010
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