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A state of extreme inebriation usually brought on by the excessive use of recreational drugs such as ecstasy or cocaine (or both). One will usually find themselves 'Flangelled' in the early hours of the morning at a club. Being flangelled is a pleasurable state in which to find oneself and not to be confused with 'monging' or being too 'fucked'. Very often the word will be used in conjunction with your 'wing wam' which you may often have 'flipped' as in: "I'm flangelled, I've completely flip flangelled my wing wam!"
Bill: "Wheres Wayne?"
Dan: "He's flangelled mate, I just saw him singing 'pills up inside ya' to a bunch of girls in the garden!"


Wayne: "I have completely flip flangelled my wing wam, those beans were amazing!!"
by Wayne Elwood July 02, 2008

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