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Anything that will devour shit.
"How about a steaming pile of feces for breakfast, coprophage?"
by Waylon R July 11, 2004
A force relating to homosexual behavior.
1. "Scotty, I think my gaydar is picking up a fagnetic field in the immediate vicinity."
by Waylon R July 11, 2004
Having a water-filled cranium. This word was first encountered in yahoo.com chat.
"You magnificent hydrocephalic moron. You are about as smart as a quadriplegic playing twister."
by Waylon R July 11, 2004
A particularly large and massive penis.
A fusion of "Man" and "Anvil".
"I dropped the manvil on that poor cuntlip last night."
by Waylon R July 11, 2004
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