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4 definitions by Wattstax

Stupid Bitch Disease - A disease genetically passed down from Adam that afflicts most men that attracts them to and causes them to deal with and stay with stupid bitches.

It all started in the Garden of Evil when the stupid bitch ate the apple and convinced Adam to do the same which comdemed all mankind to mortal Hell
Tom has got a really bad case of SBD. His girl runs all over him but he keeps coming back. If he’s not careful it’s going to turn into a full blown case of PBD
by wattstax August 18, 2011
10 2
adj: (also ordelic) describes a situation where one would experience a stressful, traumatic or otherwise uncomfortable event ot series of events
Jason's visit to the department of motor vehicles was ordealic because he waited on line for about four hours and visited many clerks only to be told that the vehicle he had purchased was stolen.
by Wattstax March 17, 2010
2 1
A person who always half finishes a job, chore or activity never seeing it to completion and complaining that they can't do it.
That girl started to distribute the fliers and threw the reset away and went home. She's a half asser!
by wattstax August 19, 2011
1 1
noun: a-mi-ga-moor, a combination of two spanish words that describe a person who is both a friend and lover. (friend with benefits) amiga-friend & amor-lover
"We've been friends for a long time and I feel it's time we became intimate. Will you be my Amigamor?
by Wattstax February 01, 2010
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