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3 definitions by Water of Wonder

clumbsy to the point of being cumbersome to others; extremely physically awkward
Bubba got to trashed last night he was clumbersome.
by Water of wonder November 02, 2004
verb phrase: to dominate; to take control of the situation; to make yours. reference: film "Godfather of Disco"
Justin says,"Dude, I'm gonna go up on the mike tonight and sing "We want fun" at Karaoke."
Bubba replys,"Yeah, put your weight down on it!"
by Water of Wonder June 12, 2004
a dork amongst dorks; an uber dork; or, used when a dork is about to go in a diatribe about his or her passion. Refernce: the Simpsons.
At the comic books store, the guy that knows ever apearance of the Silver Sable is a total maven.
by Water of Wonder June 12, 2004