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An African-American who doesn't believe it is possible that an African-American can be elected as President of The United States.
The doubting Uncle Thomases are out proving the political pundits to be right.
by Warren Wordsfore January 12, 2008
Used in reference to the 2008 Democratic primary in New Hampshire. In that election voters supposedly lied about who they voted for, and skewed the polls.
She said she wanted to go to the prom, but at the last minute, I got New Hampshired.
by Warren Wordsfore January 21, 2008
Haircut style popularized by men of Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina. The style is a variation of the mullet-short on top, long in the back. Often, this style is completed with a "perm" or chemically enhanced curls.
When I was a kid, everyone got a flat-top. Now every guy who comes into my barbershop wants a Fuquay Fade.
by Warren Wordsfore August 29, 2006
A time one proclaims that they are ready for the job and task ahead.
Ted Kennedy says Barack Obama will be ready to be President from day one.
by Warren Wordsfore February 02, 2008
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