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The best show on Sci-Fi channel to date! It's like X-men where no one is invincible or overpowered.
"Did you see Alphas this monday?"
"No, I don't get sci-fi channel."
"At what point is someones quality of life low enough that euthenaia becomes warrented?"
"I don't understand the question."
"No, I suppose you don't."
*draws firearm
by Warren Lawrom Darado October 06, 2011
1. Often synonomus with 'geek' when not refering archaicly to a circus performer. A nerd is usualy secluded from mainstream society, intelligence is not as much of an issue as interests or converstional skills. Though it is possible that a nerd is isolated by choice, chosing to avoid those who do not share his or her interests or percieved intellectual ability.

2. An intelligent person shunned or merely chided because of his or her grades or aptitude at certain subjects. Definition 1 and 2 can be true of a person simultaneously.

3. Likely, due to poular media being considered 'nerdy' by those exceptionally low on the cognitive spectrum. Many self delcared 'nerds' roam the streats. With no social obstacles to overcome these are hardly the nerds they try to emulate and often lack even basic levels of nerdlike obsession. At best a more accurate word for these would be "quirky". At worst a definition would be "An unexceptional and socially active person with a passing interest in Video games, Marvel Superheroes, Harry Potter or Star Wars"

4. Anyone who openly admits to liking Manga or Anime. These are not always true nerds but are genrally considered as such.

5. Anyone who plays D&D. No exceptions.
"Hey, did you play the Battlefield 3 beta?"
"No, I'm not really into videogames."
"Oh... Did you see the Alphas Season finale? Gary went all..."
"I don't really like science fiction... not my thing. did you see last nights game?"
"Sorry, I see no point in continuing this conversation."

"I just built a working personal computer out of redstone in Minecraft! It's capable of running Linux or Windows!"
"$%^&ing nerd"

"Yeah I've read every Harry potter book and seen each movie twice! I know, I'm such a nerd!"
"I have a polyresin replica of Harrys Nimbus 2000 on display next to my Alphonse Elric Armor."
"...That's wierd"

"Hey, Want to watch some Fullmetal Alchemist after we get back from the triathlon?"
""$%^&ing nerd"

"Want to spend hours in a basement playing an endless board game? It's like a video game with no graphics!"
by Warren Lawrom Darado October 06, 2011

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