36 definitions by Warren

Hully, Hoo-haa-haa
"Hey look its hully!"
by warren March 23, 2004
3 litres of a liquid, usually bottled in th stated amount
i jus chugged a flitre of bow-
i just drank three litres of strongbow cidre
by warren November 14, 2003
1:*sniff sniff* eww ben have u been cheesewanking?
2:No that is you...
1:Oh yeah betta have a bit of spring cleaning
2:Last time i did that i got a feather caught in there!!!
Look above ^^^^^^^^ !!!You cheesewank!!!
by warren March 19, 2004
n. A media work in the guise of a documentary which clearly supports a nation or political stance over others and serves as a propaganda tool.
My friend says that Wings on the Discovery channel is a procugandamentary for the US.
by Warren February 23, 2003
Classic song by Ben Chapple...
shouts "I LIKE TACITOS" over & over
by warren March 19, 2004
This is wot u say 2 people who walk past selling 'big issue' or taking drugs, like hoboth.
"fukin drugged up tramp!...
by warren March 23, 2004
A renowned gamer who excels in all First Person Shooters (FPS).
That Winslowfreak owned me last night.
by warren February 26, 2004
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