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1. A penis smaller than GW Bush's brain;
2. A clitoris on a man;
3. A dick that is at risk of getting caught in your teeth;
4. A dick that is so small you have to punch yourself in the stomach to see the head pop out.
1. Damn, Lisa caught his microphallus in her braces;
2. His microphallus was so small he could nose-fuck her;
3. Is that a "AAA" battery in your pants?
by Ward and June Cleaver September 28, 2004
An archaic term for gay sex. To bust the booty. To punch the doughnut. The poke the poopies.
We caught Ebenezer and Zachariah performing the love that dare not speak its name, so they were banished from the town, never to return.
by Ward and June Cleaver October 02, 2004
1. Somebody well practiced and accomplished in performing oral sex on a woman;
2. A lesbian;
3. A beardless clam affectionato;
4. A poon burgler;
5. A clit licker extraordinaire
1. I'll never get to score with Joan Jett -- she's a beaver cleaver.
2. I bet I can get Joan Jett to lick my snatch -- she's a beaver cleaver.
3. Thank god Rosie O'Donnell is a beaver cleaver. I'd never dip my dick in that nasty cooter.
by Ward and June Cleaver September 28, 2004

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