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Small rubber item which can be found in kitchens throughout the UK. Mounted on the side of kitchen cabinet or wall. The front part of the rubber holder is crossed so that one can poke the corner of a tea towl into it and thereby leaving it dangling in order to dry. Also used to describe the arse hole or a stare from the big cheeked cyclops.
Pumping her vigorously from behind, I took a moment's rest to gather my thoughts and observe her tea towel holder giving me the brown eyed wink.
by Wanus Fool the First October 14, 2003
Highly concentrated bodily fluid found between the cheeks of your arse. Collected by duvet goblins in the night and stored in jars and sold internationally as 'the growing up spread'. My mum made me eat it.
The slack trousered plumber bent hard over to shut the stop cock and the room was filled with the pungent aroma of his marmite.
by Wanus Fool the First October 14, 2003

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