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The act of slapping someone of the same sex on the ass but calling "Good Game" right after in order to maintain your Heterosexuality.
John: *Slaps Sean in the ass*
Sean: *stares angrily*
John: "Good Game."
by Wanterito December 09, 2010
The head person in a school environment. Usually feared by students of the K-5th grade. Somewhat respected by students of the 6th-9th grade. Respected only by students from the 10th-12th grade who think the Principle is "cool". Never respected by alumni who are "gangsters" or those who think they are.
K-5th Grade
Little Susan: "Oooo im going to tell the teacher!"
Little Jake: "No don't! She will send me to the Principle!"

6th-9th Grade
Susan: "Im telling."
Jake: "Ey wait up...ah whatever."

10th-12th Grade (Like Principle)
Samantha: "I actually like the Principle i had a talk with him he's cool."
John: "Yeah i agree!"

10th-12th (Hate Principle)
Jessica: "Ughh here comes the Principle."
Susan: "Fucken hate that bitch!"

Juan: "Eyy foo you got the weed."
Jose: "No homes the fucken Principle almost caught me the other day i had to leave it at the homie Joker's pad."
Juan: "Fucken hate the Principle foo!"
by Wanterito December 09, 2010

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