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3 definitions by Walter Webingston

a random insult, definition being to have teeth in ones vagina. this has no real insult value, but the thought of it alone is kinda mentally harming. recently reinforced by the film 'Teeth'
Matt, you utter minge teeth
by Walter Webingston July 06, 2008
a word used to describe a paticuarly bad comb back hairdo, which from the front is reminisicient of an afro, from any other angle however, it just looks like shit wavy hair combed back really badly. It is named Bo fro after The Bo, an urban myth of a creature whos only catchphrase is gar!, he commonly appearsaround the neighbourhood with a terrible new haircut combed back or gelled in this way,creating robots or babbling on about health and safety issues
person 1# Woh thats one BAD comb over
person 2#Ouch BO FRO
by Walter Webingston July 06, 2008
a noise to express anger, excitement or other random acts of emotion, the catchphrase of matt bo
Person#1 What are you doing you idiot
Bo# Gar! whatsittoya
by Walter Webingston July 10, 2008