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Most rappers who clim to be killers or gang members have no actual acountable history or assosiation with gang activity. These are the ACTUAL gangster rappers/producers who have been in gangs and lived the life the other rappers talk about. The most involved and violent is probably Suge Knight who had connctions to the LAPD and real hardtime criminals.
2nd ll None--(Elm Street Pirus)
40 Cal--(TSG Thurston Street)
Above the Law--(Crips)

All Frum Tha I--(Inglewood Family Bloods)
Bad Azz--(Insane Crips)
Battlecat--(Insane Crips)
Big Syke--(Inglewood Imperial Village Crips)
B G KnoccOut--(Nutty Blocc Compton Crips)
B-Real--(89th Street Family Blood)
Bloods & Crips--(Blood & Crips)
Boo-Ya Tribe--(West Side Pirus) (Carson Samoan Warriors)
Brand Nubian--(Members of 5 % Nation)
Brotha Lynch Hung--(Garden Blocc 24th St Crip in Sacramento) (possibly ... 24th St Gardens)
Brownside--(South Los Angeles - Sureños)
C-BO--(Garden Blocc 19th St Crip in Sacramento) (possibly ... 29th St Gardens)
Capone--(Norteno - San Fer)
CJ Mac--(Rollin' 20's Crips)
C-Miller--Felon * Murder
Coolio--(Corner Pocket Crips)
Damu Ridaz--(Denver Lane Bloods)
Daz Dillinger--(21st Street Crips)
Dirty Red-- (Rollin' 20's Crips)
DJ Quik--(Compton Tree Top Piru Bloods)
Easy-E (deceased) --(Kelly Park Crips)
Fabolous -- (Crips) (Black Mafia Family)
Gangsta Dresta--(Nutty Blocc Compton Crips)
Goldie Loc--(Rollin 20 Crips)
Glasses Malone--(Watts Crip)
Grand Puba--(formerly of Brand Nubian)--(5 % Nation) & (Compton Piru Bloods)
Hi-C--(Compton Tree Top Piru Bloods)
Ice-T--(Hoover Crips)
Ice Cube--(N-Hood Crip Rollin 60s)
Jayo Felony--(N-Hood Crips - San Diego)
J.D. of Da Lench Mob--(Crips)
Kid Frost--acknowledged gang affiliation, but no specific set or Clique
Kokane -- (357 Pomona Crips ... possibly kellogg traccs)
Kurupt -- (Rollin 60s Crips)
Gangster RAP ----------------------------Lil' C Style--(19th St Rollin' 20's Crips)
Lil' 1/2 Dead--Long Beach Crip
Mack 10--(Inglewood Family Bloods - Queen St.)
Mac Dre--(Romper Room Gang)
Mausberg--(Campenella Park Pirus)
MC Eiht--Tragniew Park Crips
MC Ren--(Kelly Park Crips)
Mr. Capone E--Sureño : San Gabriel Valley gang (Varrio Cyclones)
Mr. Criminal--Sureño : Silverlake Trece (SL 13) Gang, (Tiny Winos Click)
Mr. Shadow--Woptown Krazies (Amici Park)
Nate Dogg--Rollin 20 Crips
Richie Rich--(Atlantic Drive Crips)
Ruthless Records--(A Crip owned record company label)
Scarface--(Oakland Crips)
Sen-Dog-- (Blood)
Sir Dyno--Norteño : Darkroom Familia Label
Snoop Doggy--(Rollin 20's Crips
South Central Cartel--(Hoover Crips)
South Park Mexican--Drug Dealer : In Prison for Rape
Spider LOC -- (97th Street East Coast Crips)
Suge Knight : CEO of Death Row Records--(Compton Mob Pirus Bloods)
Tone-Loc--Southside Compton Crips
Top Dogg--(Compton Piru Bloods)
Tweedy Bird Loc--Kelly Park Crips
Tray Deee--(Insane Crips)
X-Raided--(Garden Blocc 24th St Crip in Sacramento)
Warren G--Rollin' 20's Crip
Watts Gangsters--(Crips)
by Wall- E August 04, 2008

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