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n. The Butler inhabits the land west of Charlotte, NC. It roams the land while singing lyrics to awful songs by 80's hair metal bands. The Butler has a ridiculous mullet and an insatiable love of pornography. It answers to the names Butler, Slutler, Butt-Butt, Buttslut, and Pedophile.
Hey, are you guys going to Lincolnton? If so, beware! The Butler may be lurking!
by Walker, Texas Ranger May 11, 2005
A word meaning cool, a 'tall' person can do anything they want, wherever they want, whenever they want: rules do not apply to a 'tall' person, since they are so amazing.

The origin of this meaning was used first at a Harkins Theatre, when a customer asked for, instead of a small, a tall drink (such as the smallest size at coffee shops). Ever since, it has been used to describe how incredible something is.
Did you see him pull off that trick? He's so tall!
#cool #awesome #amazing #incredible #sick #ill #gnarly #rad #small #tiny #uncool
by Walker, Texas Ranger February 07, 2007
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