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Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off Pissing My Pants With A Stomach Cramp Banging My Head On The Table With Snot Coming Out Of My Nose.

Among me and my friends, it is used very rarely for those once in a few years laughing-so-hard-you-piss-your-self situations.
Guy 1: Remember that time when... <insert hilarious ass story here>

Everyone eles: ROFLMAOPMPWASCBMHOTTWSCOOMN!1!1!11!1!oneoneeleven
by Wal-Mart Security June 17, 2005
A way of writing out the ever-so-popular Internet acronym "WTF" which stands for "What The Fuck". It is usually used to be funny, to exaggerate, or be very sarcastic. This method can also be used for any other acronym:

LOL - ell oh ell
OMG - oh em gee

It has also been known that WTF has been pronounced like "wuh-tff" when people try say it like it's spelled, as they would say "Lawl" or "Rawffle" in lieu of LOL or ROFL.
Let's say Timmy and Johnny are playing Counter-Strike:

Timmy: What the crap was that? OMGHI2U81607861048 is using headshot scripts! No fair! A headshot through the wall with an AWP is impossible!

Johnny: OH EM GEE DUBBA YEW TEE EFF??!! Ohnoes! We better report him to the admin so he gets b4nnz0r3d! Timmy, STFU and play.

Timmy: Ohnoes! I got pwnz0r3d!
by Wal-Mart Security June 10, 2005
1. Diagram showing the locations of various land features, cities, roads, etc.

2. In a videogame, it is the world around you that you play on. Can be called a level, but levels have a certain sequence. Maps do not.
1. According to this map, we need to take the next exit and head east on Interstate 90 to Spokane.

2. de_dust is one of my favorite Counter-Strike maps.
by Wal-Mart Security July 20, 2005
Shorthand for "Bag Over Head" which refers to a girl with a hot body but an ugly face.
Guy 1: Damn, look at that ass! And those tits.... daaaaayyyyyuuummmmm!

Guy 2: Woah shit, she got some buck-ass teeth, man, and a lazy eye!

Guy 1: Oh, she's a BOH, just put a brown paper bag over her head.

Guy 1 and 2: Hehehehehehehehehe.....
by Wal-Mart Security June 17, 2005
The art of hacking people rather than computers. Most of the time it's easier than hacking computers because people are so stupid that you can just ask them for passwords and credit card information and they'll give it to you!
Me: Hello, Mr. Adamson? Yes, I need your credit card number, email address and password.

Mr. A: Ok, the number is 4318-6413...
by Wal-Mart Security August 07, 2005

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