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Palestinians are people from the country Palestine. They could be Muslim or Christian. Both Muslims and Christians are under occupation by the Israeli-Zionist government.

THEN: Palestine was inhabited by Arabs and Muslims for thousands of years. Palestine eventually became under British rule. Following the Holocaust, in which 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis, pressure on Britain increased to allow Jewish immigration into Palestine. In 1947, the UN partitioned the land into Arab and Jewish states. The Arabs did not accept the partition and war broke out. Wars broke out in 1947,1956, 1967, 1973 and 1982.

*To sum it up: Palestinians were there first and European Jews invaded, thinking they had divine right to the land.

NOW: The Palestinian state has resorted to 1/3 of Israel, now being run by Hamas (a democratically elected government by the Palestinians). Israel is now, ironically, resorting to a mass wipe-out of all the Palestinians. Much like Nazi Germany to them. Israel wants all of the country, including the Palestinian territories (Gaza and the West bank). They block aid and food to the 1.5 million in Gaza, use illegal and inhumane weaponry, build settlements and barricade the Palestinians.

The Palestinians are now under apartheid. They are oppressed and violated. They are treated like 2nd class citizens in their own country.
MAN 1: Hey, what nationality are you?
MAN 2: I'm Palestinian.
MAN 1: What? Pakistilian?
MAN 2: No. Palestinian.

MAN 1: Oh. You mean Israel?
MAN 2: No. I mean Palestine, and if you would read any history book you'd know it's Palestine.

MAN 1: You know, the news says the Palestinians are terrorists!
MAN 2: Right. Why don't you google propaganda. Then you'll understand that you shouldn't believe everything the biased media says.
by Wake Up World! October 17, 2010

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