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Literal meaning: Shinto Dance - Japanese

Naraku's second incarnation from the hit TV show 'InuYasha' on Adult Swim. She controls wind and can create zombies. Heck, she even has a nifty feather that she can fly on. But Kagura usually tries to disobey her 'papa'. She even goes as far as teaming up with InuYasha and his little gang, and falling in love with his brother. Naraku of course doesn’t take betrayal lightly. He eventually gives her back her heart, though it's infused with his dark miasma, and well, she dies. And what’s left of her body, dust, flies away in the wind. And poor Fluffy (Sesshoumaru, InuYasha's older, 1/2 brother) is left all alone without a love interest.
"My you have a pretty face."
-Kagura, her first meeting with 'Fluffy'

"I'm as free as the wind!"
-Kagura, her famous quote.
by Waffle Murderer November 11, 2004

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