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When you cannot see what you are looking at clearly
1]cant see dick with my windows tinted this dark and i almost backed off in that pond

2] Matt hit me in the eye with the paddle now i cant see dick
by Wade and Brent August 24, 2008
a common phrase in southwest louisiana used in order to get someones attention
1] hey ace whats goin on tonight?
2] hey ace pass me the orange drank
3] hey ace when we get done canoeing lets go to taco bell
4] hey ace lets go ride them scooters at walmart
by Wade and Brent August 24, 2008
something bad just happened that you dislike very much so as a remark to the shock you feel you scream ahh TITS!!!
1] AHH TITS! I lost my wallet.

2] AHH TITS! The canoe flipped and we lost the ORANGE DRANK!
by Wade and Brent August 24, 2008
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