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The combination of the words crazy, cunt and bitch. This word is used to describe a girl or woman who has a paranoid, psycho, schizo or bipolar personality (or personalities) combined with vicious, vulgar or abusive tendencies. Most of us know a friend or family member who is dating or living with one.
R: “She gives me the creeps. I never know if she’s going to be nasty or nice.”
J: “Most of the time, she’s a real cruntch!”
by WINJPAVANY May 26, 2010
An “electronic leash” such as a cell phone, smartphone, PDA or any other electronic device that allows a possessive, controlling, paranoid, psycho, schizo or bipolar ‘significant other’ to keep in constant contact with their partner, throughout the day, for the sole purpose of harassment or controlling their every move.
R: “I can’t believe that he keeps his eleash turned on. She calls him every minute of the day, just to piss him off!”
J: “He should turn it off and just deal with her when he gets home.”
R: “I guess he’s afraid if he does, she’ll trash all of his stuff, or dump it at the curb. She’s done it before!”
by WINJPAVANY May 19, 2010
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