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A wingnut is spawned when pussy ass cops taze a person with anger issues while in handcuffs and causes him to piss there pants..thus creating an undercover criminal that knows everything so don't disagree or go against him... unless you want him to get all "WINGNUT" on yo ass bitch! Wingnuts also lived every where so you aint got shit on him from California to Colorado, Washington to Organ the ways and codes westcoast is all he knows. Also he ain't got time for you clowns that talk all that shit he hold grudges till revenge is served cold. Also WINGNUT's have been mistaken for a ninja cuz he is ill and will take yo weed and bitch quick and bouce befor you know it . CONCLUSION= if you decide to fuck with a WINGNUT i would suggest killing him cuz he has more creative non traceable ways to bring hell to the sorry fuck ass that does.

P.S. My bitch and whip are hotta than yours so suck it!
"wingnut is back"

"he waited in the bushes till i came home from fucking with his car and he stabed me with a key"/ "now my vage hurts ouch"!

"Wingnut is not invited to my party, when he shows up it makes all the bitches get moist"

i hate wingnut = im a jealous fagot with out a nickname boo! hoo!
by WINGnezzy a.k.a wingnut July 04, 2009

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