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Sweaty Pancakes is the term for a females ass cheeks after being boned doggy style by an overweight partner.

The body heat soaked in causing ass cheek sweat and plenty of it.
Wow, I was banging my girl like a pro yesterday, she had hella "sweaty pancakes."
by WH1TE J3SUS April 29, 2011
Ass Gravy is the liquid shit that shoots outta your ass after a nice Mexican (or any foreign or unsettling) feast. Most people can feel when its gonna be Ass Gravy or regular fecies.

Symptoms are:
Bubble Guts, Weird stomach cramps, and an abnormal amount of stinky ass funk.

Ass Gravy is mostly diarhea with an occasional Turd nugget.
That new resteraunt did not settle well with me, the stinky "ASS GRAVY" keeps comin.
by WH1TE J3SUS June 09, 2011

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