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Someone who is depressed,temperamental,or just don't have any friends.Not ALL people like this are emo,but most are. Most people don't like emos because they're jealous of the privacy and style emos have.Emos,DON'T all cut their wrists,but I think some do....
EX 1: Emo guy-"I can't believe my mom got shot!"

EX 2--1: Emo guy-"GET OUT OF MY FACE!GO AWAY!!"
EX 2--2: Emo girl-"Can you please stop?Please?STOP!*sob*"

EX 3: Emo girl:-"Sigh,I wish I had some friends,I feel emo."

EX 4: Prep-ass girl-"Aww,that emo chick got the tight pants and black clothes style before me,maybe I'll just steal it then.
by Vynn Flamingo September 22, 2007

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