3 definitions by Vulgar Clown

He thinks chips are "hot wings".
He thinks Strong Sad is a Rhino.
He wants to know when we can start the Jeffersons.
He likes to hug trees.
He lost his Jengajam.
He's just in time for the murder mystery.
His favorite treat is a wrench.
He's the ghost of Christmas past.
by Vulgar Clown September 11, 2003
A doll
"This is a mint-condition, NRFB action figure." said the nerd as he held up his Han Solo doll.
by Vulgar Clown August 26, 2003
What I have a burning sensation in.
"What should I do when there is a burning sensation in the yellow puffy part of the penis?"
by Vulgar Clown August 21, 2003

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