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1 definition by Vulcus

A phrase said by Naruto form the hit anime.
Mistakenly translated as believe it, to a speaker of Japanese, this word is gibberish, but it's made up of suffixes and prefixes that basically define Naruto as a hillbilly.

Da translates to a very informal "to be"
-tte is an rural and uncommon version of -to, meaning "like that" or "in that case"
-ba is an older conditional ending, like "if, then it could"
-yo is an informal word meaning "I tell you" and comes off as arrogant.

Basically it translates (nonsensically) to "If in that case, it could be, I tell you!"
When Naruto says this, any Japanese person sees him as a know-it-all fool.
Naruto says "Dattebayo" or "(verb root)-ttebayo" meaning (nonsensically) "If in that case, it could be, I tell you!" (dattebayo) or "If in that case, I could (verb action), I tell you!" ({verb root}-ttebayo)

parts of dattebayo

たべる -> たべれば
(taberu -> tabere-ba) conditional -ba
あいつと -> あいつって
(aitsu-to -> aitsu-tte) -to -- "that guy" from Tokyo dialect to rural dialect
(Ja -> ya -> da) "da" rural version of ja (informal for desu - to be)
(nai-yo) the yo is used for emphasis on information, like "I tell you!" or "Don't you know?"
by Vulcus October 23, 2008