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The incorrect term for the under-appreciated genre known as Drone Doom. Quite probably some of the most atmospheric music in metal today, it features minimalistic riffs and sounds to paint a picture in your mind. The lyrics deal with abstract concepts, but usually are melancholic as a whole.
The correct term for drone metal is "drone doom," as our "Deathfuckingmetal" dumbass doesn't seem to know.

Download any Sunn O))) song, it'll make your skin crawl. In the best way possible.
by Vote for Hippie Death Camps May 02, 2006
A very popular diet to have in modern society today. Many vegetarians claim that eating meat is a "thing of the past" and our canine teeth are "relics of an older humanity" or some other hippie shit. If early man ate nothing but vegetables, we would be a VERY different race of people and no one seems to realize that. Humanity was based on meat; whether or not you could find meat could signal the end of your tribe. If the homo sapien species were herbivores, we would all be shorter, weaker, slower, etc. In short, the world would be populated with hippies, instead of guys like the US Marines. You think THEY'RE vegetarians?

You traitor. :P

Bottom line: Eating meat is in your fucking blood. You can try to get around it, but it's been there since the dawn of humanity.
Honestly people, do you think body builders get as big as they do by being vegetarians?
by Vote for Hippie Death Camps April 30, 2006

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