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A friend you are very close with, but are not officially their Boy/Girlfriend. Glorified Booty Call.Part-time lover.Person you wish was your Boy/Girlfriend,but you have not asked them yet.Someone you are in serious like with.Prospective steady G-friend.
dude#1;Hey,are you still Erik's Semi-Girlfriend? Semi-G says,Yeah,I don't expect him to ask this "Old Cougar",I'm just Semi-Boy/girlfriend status.
by Vons Mom April 28, 2007
G.B.C.- Glorified booty call,is when someone is someone's steady fuck buddy,but really does not care, or love them as much as they act. Generally a semi- girlfriend,or semi-boyfriend who is fucking you just because they can,and maybe they like you just a little bit too.
" Man, I wish I was more than a G B C to my semi- Boy-friend.
by VONS MOM May 30, 2007
Being there first. Soldiers on the front line. Rock'n'Roll visonaries. Leaders of the pack. Mountian bike slang"death march'n", going in head first.
Dude#1;When all these posers are done wit that crap i'll be there ready to lead the way to Rock'n'Roll bliss!Dude#2;YO' I know you be march'n in front,'cause you Rock!
by vons mom May 01, 2007
When you do things for someone, not just so you can get laid, Above and beyond the call of booty.b
Girlfriend: Hey,my Semi-boyfriend just took me out to the movies,and knew I was going home right afterward without him. Girlfriend#2:WOW, that was so A B C B!
by Vons Mom April 28, 2007
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