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The first video game transsexual, as said on G-4's X-Play.
Tim: What is Birdo?

Jane: Oh, he is a transsexual.
by Voltron! March 12, 2008
The act when one dips his dick in gravy and then has the woman of his dreams lick it off.

Eric: Oh bro, this chick was so horny that I had to give her "The Reilly."

Mr. Inch: Nice!

Eric: You can give me "The Reilly" later.

by Voltron! March 12, 2008
1. Trudeau

2. When your so tough it doesnt matter what you do
Coach: Man, that Trudeau is one tough kid

Fan: He just droped a punt

Coach: He's still one tough kid
by Voltron! March 08, 2008
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