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A small town in Ohio known for its little league baseball teams, farms, fire department and its love for Busch beer and Red Man chew. At the crossroads of 83/162 in Medina county. Home of the Siman, Arters, Wellman, Salsgiver, Clapp, Grim, Packard, Welch and Grey clans.
Man, have we gone through Chatham, Ohio yet?
Yea, you blinked when we did.
by VollyWhacker April 17, 2011
The biggest Whitetail Buck that ever lived in Chatham, Ohio. Decendant of Bullwinkle, Preyed upon by many a redneck and new age hunter alike. Killed by one of the Siman Brothers in 2010.
Man, did you hear 'bout Freak Daddy?
Yea, one of them damn Simans killed him
by VollyWhacker April 17, 2011

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