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The scientific theory that a single occurence, no matter how small, can change the course of the universe forever.
1. A man travelled back in time to prehistoric ages and stepped on a butterfly, and the universe was entirely different when he got back.

2. The flap of a butterfly's wings changed the air around it so much that a tornado broke out two continents away.
by Volatile November 06, 2004
Field researcher for the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Pretends to be an actor from Guildford, England, but is actually from somewhere around Betelgeuse. Concvinced his name in inconspicuous. Believes in never buying your own drinks.
"How reliable is he?"
"How reliable? How shallow is the ocean? How cold is the sun?"
by Volatile January 09, 2005
A weird holiday that wizard-type dudes invented hundreds of years ago. It used to have some meaning, but now it's just about extortion and Unicef. Good way to get candy, though!
"Alright, boys, it's Halloween night. What're we gonna do?"
by Volatile November 06, 2004
A character on homestarrunner.com. He is a wrestler, weighs around a million pounds, and can't talk quietly. He is brothers with Strong Bad and Strong Sad.
"E-Commerce!! E-Business!!!"
"I can be the quietest mouse!! I live in the quietest house!!!"
by Volatile November 13, 2004
What will happen if we keep slowly destroying the Earth.
"Global warming, greenhouse gasses and pollution are destroying the Earth!"
"Man, are we screwed."
by Volatile November 14, 2004
1) Noun. A computer program that was designed by A.I. robots to divide the attention of humans away from the real world, where robots farm humans for a power source stronger than electricity.

2)Verb. A slang term for doing one of the stunts seen in the movie The Matrix, The Matrix: Reloaded or The Matrix: Revoloutions, such as running up a wall or dodging something heading for you by leaning back quickly.
1) The Matrix has you.

2) Did you see that? I just did the Matrix!
by Volatile October 17, 2004
What happens when someone dances at you, and you dance back.
"It's on!"
"No, it's not on."
"Oh, it's on!"
by Volatile November 13, 2004

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