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The only line of defense between you and the line drive shot to the position you're playing in baseball.
Dude, what happened to that guy's testicular region?
Oh, he forgot wear his cup, and now he can't have babies.
by Vlad the inhaler February 27, 2009
The status of being unattached, and content - Happily Single By Choice
I thought you were in a relationship with whatshername? - No, I've been HSBC for a while now.
by Vlad the Inhaler August 28, 2014
In word-processing, a non-printable character ¶ .
In real life also, a non-printable character, the sort of person who gives genitalia a bad name.
"The Director of the DEA is a total pilcrow."
by Vlad the Inhaler November 01, 2014

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