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There is nothing fun about the Virtua Fighter games. The music is tacki and droaning. The specials are dull and crummy. The speed is slower than sluggish and the gameplay is deader than a graveyard.

The characters are clear rip offs of characters from the Street fighter and Tekken gammes.

Oh yes and Virtua fighter is not realistic, when I jump I dont think I slowly hover to the floor or when I knock someone over I dont think it takes them half a millenia to get up. Your just making up excuses for Virtua Fighters slow downs and fatal flaws.

Dead or Alive is NOT a rip off of Virtua Fighter, in fact the series have nothing in common besides the same fighting engine. But oh would you look at that even though they do Dead or Alive actually has realistic jumps and characters dont move like turtles.

I rest my case
Virtua fighter is a slow repetitive boring old series that has long since past its sell by date
by Virtua Shiter April 28, 2005
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