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The epitome of modern-day American hedonism. Like anything else, you can't apply stereotypes to everyone, but it is safe to say that drinking is Summit's past-time. The education is fantastic, the houses larger, the parties wilder--all because of the influx of money from Wall Street financiers. High school football is popular, despite the fact that they haven't won a game in two years. The kids themselves are nice--that I have realized--but the town corrupts them. It is a terrible town in all facets but the material. Boredom reigns supreme, and kids live in the happiness of their childhoods (was that really the best part of their lives?). Perhaps the best thing about Summit is that you can hop on the train and escape to New York.
Unfortunately there is no River Ouse in Summit, so Virginia must find some other way of drowning herself.

I advised my friend not to bring his daughter to Summit unless he truly desired her to grow up a drunk and a slut.

Thankfully, Summit is not nearly half as disgusting as those foul brats on "My Super Sweet Sixteen"; but that does not mean it is any less hedonistic.
by Virginia Woolf February 07, 2007

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