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The editors at urban dictionary.

Called so becuae they accept bullshit like: Scanalan 2 up, 1 down

AKA: Scantron

1.A ginormous megga douche who sucks serious ass.. on a daily basis.

2.severely retarded individual with fake teeth.

3. "worse than my mom"

"Mrs. Whitcomb, stop acting like a fucking scanalan!"

instead of good ones like all the one's I've had rejected
The urban dictionary editors are called urban dick shunary.
#losers #dipwads #idiots #buttwipes #asslickers
by virgil smooch August 07, 2009
A kindergarten game where one kid says the refrain, "Peanut Butter and Jelly!" and another kid repeats it. After the second kid says it, the first kid says, "Well, sock 'em in the belly!" and lets fly a fist into the second kids stomach.
Kid #1: "Hey! Say this: "Peanut Butter and jelly!"
Kid #2: "Okay. Peanut Butter and JellY!"
Kid #1: "Well, then, "peanut butter and jelly: sock 'em in the belly!"
(Followed by a sucker punch to the solar plexus.)
Kid #2: "Ouch! you friggin douche!"
#trick #game #kid's game #playground ritual #stupid kid stuff
by Virgil Smooch March 12, 2010
A bird. Also, a delicacy in ancient Rome: the unborn embryo of a chicken still in the shell.
I cannot stop eating these! Pass me some more fig peckers!
#bird #egg #delicacy #food #bird egg
by Virgil Smooch February 04, 2010
A Subaru automobile that still runs well, but is no longer street legal. Used to drive around the backwoods and smoke pot while enjoying the natural sights.
Great idea! Quickly, to the Dubaru!
#car #auto #transportation #leisure #illegal driving
by Virgil Smooch July 09, 2010
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