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1 definition by ViralWarmonger

when playing gears of war 2, to do one of the following:

1) quit before the match starts so as to preserve your current K/D (kill death) ratio

2) to quit during a match you're playing badly in also in an attempt to preserve your current K/D

3) to play badly, but instead of quitting to blame the "lag" in the room, regardless of the presence or absence of latency related issues
1) "Guys, my character is changing slow, this match is gonna lag, i'm quitting right now, fuck this." "He just pulled a Noles"

2) "Dude, this match is lagging soooooo baaaaddddddd, these kids are trash but i'm losing because of lag. Fuck this, i'm quitting." "He just pulled a Noles"

3) "These douche kids suck ass but i'm losing because it's sooooo laaggggyyyyy." "He just pulled a Noles"
by ViralWarmonger September 02, 2009