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South-West's largest football team, with an average attendance of about 17,000. Away attendances are among the largest in the country despite the nearest away game usually being 150-200 miles away. Achieved two promotions in three seasons and are currently one division below the Premiership.
C'mon Plymouth Argyle! Green Army!
by Viola Tragic August 05, 2006
One of the finest pieces of music in the classical violin repertoire. You've gotta admit it.
The Lark Ascending is bloody amazing!
by Viola Tragic April 25, 2006
A horrible little drug-riddled suburb of Falmouth with a school that manufactures chavs and drug addicts.
Why exactly do you live in Penryn?
by Viola Tragic August 05, 2006
A pointlessly painful way for intellectuals to pretend that they can write so-called music. Enjoyed by people who, for instance, place bits of cow turd onto the end of a stick and hang it above their mantelpiece, asserting that it is a metaphor for existentialism in Barnsley.
Serialism is painful rubbish.
by Viola Tragic July 22, 2006

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