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VERB: the act of binge drinking in an aggressive manner. One takes a swig of preferred alcoholic beverage (handle) followed by selected chaser (liter bottle) in sets of:
-3 for girls
-4 for dudes
-7 your a (johnny) legend
-10 is a belushi
-15's a charlie sheen
-20's the farley method
*No one has ever Farley and lived*
The set is then followed by one leaning down and vigorously shaking their head to complete the art of super setting

Founded in the one and only Rockaway New Jersey, super setting can usually be found anywhere in the tri-state area.

Warning: super setting has lead to jail sentences
*Super Set Responsibly*
"Dude i blacked out after that last superset"
"Bitches be puking on my driveway... one too many supersets"
"yo let's get trashed, supersets on me tonight"
by Vinny Bottles January 19, 2013

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