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2 definitions by Vince the Bat

Verb. (ben.wah.)
1. To Murder one's own family then proceed to commit Suicide for no apparent reason.
2. To effectively carry out Murder/Suicide without forwarning.

(same spelling for past tense but pronounced "ben.wad.")
Fred: Did you hear about Larry?
Bill: Yeah I guess he Benoit yesterday.
Fred: Terrible.

Husband: You better shut the fuck up or I'll pull a benoit up in here.
Wife: Okay dear.
Children: (silence)
by Vince the Bat July 12, 2007
To move house by house down the entire block. No trucks or trailers are used as everything is simply carried over. Shopping carts can be used.

N. "Crizzler"
One who moves into every house on the block.
Dude 1: Yo man, you need some help?
Dude 2: Yeah, thanks man, I'm crizzlin' again this month.
Dude 1: How many does that make now man?
Dude 2: This is like, the fourth one man.

Jim: Hey look, that guy's moving again.
Jack: Yeah, he's a Crizzler.
Jim: Whatever.
by Vince The Bat August 16, 2007