38 definitions by Victoria

a nasty person who looks or acts like a slut, or will do any sexual act to get drugs of any kind
Britney is a fuckin skagho!

i saw nick hanging out with same ugly chicks, they all looked like skaghos!
by victoria November 24, 2004
Shortened form or nickname of a girl whose name is Victoria or Vicki.
Vic is so hot.
by Victoria April 14, 2004
bellicose in a rebel-without-a-clue fashion
They were sure acting rebellicose.
by Victoria December 10, 2003
anything innocuous and curative
Don't worry about valerian - it's completely Pepto.
by Victoria December 10, 2003
full of learning
school is very learnative.
by victoria August 09, 2003
Cool is what you use to state whether someone is your friend or not.
So whats up with you and that new girl. 'We cool'
by Victoria April 07, 2004
Half Cat half rabbit
That Cat that was bred with a Rabbit looks like a kitten except with a fluffy tail and it hops!
by Victoria March 14, 2005

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