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2 definitions by Victor Komar

A phrase describing the death of a person presumed killed by the Clintons' or their goons.

More than 100 people close to Bill and Hillary Clinton have died under very suspicious or mysterious circumstances.
Ron Brown is believed to have taken an Arkansas Dirt Bath. Found with a bullet hole in the back of his head, no investigation was ever done.
by Victor Komar February 04, 2006
A word used to describe the very mysterious death of Vince Foster - a former law partner of Hillary Clintons. They have been linked romantically. It is believed that Vince Foster had information deemed dangerous to the Clintons, and like many others with such information somehow committed suicide and then transported his body to a park.

Hillary Clinton was caught removing documents from his office, while she was First Lady, and she was never arrested. Even though the area was sealed as a crime scene.
The Main Stream Media has largely ignored the Clintons' involvement in Fostergate.
by Victor Komar February 04, 2006