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1. Weapon used for killing whales.

2. Alcoholic beverage made of Gatorade and Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay. The ultimate Drink.
1. Lets harpoon that whale!

2. Wann come to gatorbay and get some harpoons?
by Victor A May 23, 2005
When two or more people get together and sit on a somewhat loose and thin bench made of wood. A sander is then placed in between the two people and turned on, sending vibrations though the bench. This send a tickling feeling to the people ass and or balls, causing a nice erotic feeling. This is considered"gay" by many people.
Hey! Were having a sander party in woodshop! Wanna come?
by Victor A April 28, 2005
Another way of saying that your want to get drunk. Usually associated with camping trips. Must serve harpoons
What are you diong this weekend? Want to go to Gatorbay? I got Harpoons!
by Victor A May 23, 2005

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