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(1)When a person lacks the ability to let go of bullshit that they bring upon themselves; (2)To harbor female emotions towards another individual, to thrive on jealousy, envy, or just to have a bitch nigga moment. (3)To show blatant disrespect towards another person due to lack of ability to grow a pair of nuts and man up to the fact that another cherish what you fucked up because of stupidity.
(1) If you rob a liquor store, get caught and complain about the justice system: thats bitchassness
(2) When you see an ex with their new partner and you can't help but to be mad and start bitching and making snide remarks: thats bitchassness.
( when you mess up in any situation and you want to blame everybody else for decisions that you make and for your shortcomings: thats bitchassness.
by Vicious Wordplay September 08, 2010

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