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3 definitions by Veuve Cliquot

An expatriate who is not being provided a "package" (salary bump, housing allowance, car allowance, home leave, etc.) by his employer, and who perhaps is not even formally employed. Halfpats sometimes earn income as "English teachers" but are primarily engaged in the avoidance of real life in their home country.
Heckle: I thought Kevin worked for Pfizer?

Jeckle: Nah, he's a halfpat. Teaches English during the day and bangs his students at night.
by Veuve Cliquot February 22, 2012
A sex act performed on a commercial airline pilot by a flight attendant during flight. Typically used in a context in which the flight attendants are not fat old hags.
What's taking her so long in there? Is she delivering a cockpit meal?
by Veuve Cliquot September 26, 2009
Slimy but legal, as in questions of corporate ethics.
Goldman fatcat #1: There's no WAY will get away with using our own money to short the same securities we're selling long to our customers.

Goldman fatcat #2: Sure we will. Slegal is still legal.
by Veuve Cliquot August 01, 2011