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A religion restored by Joseph Smith. We DO NOT practice polagamy!!!! And we are not a cult!!!! We believe the following:

# God is our Heavenly Father. He loves us and wants us to return to Him.
# Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He is our Savior. He redeems us from death by providing the Resurrection. He saves us from sin as we repent.
# Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can return to live with God if we keep His commandments.
# The Holy Ghost helps us to recognize truth.
# The first principles and ordinances of the gospel are faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism, and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost.
# The Church of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth.
# The priesthood authority of God exists in His Church today, just as it did in the original Church.
# The Bible and the Book of Mormon are the word of God.
# God reveals His will to prophets today, just as He did anciently.
# Our life has a sacred purpose.
# Families can be together forever.
# Through serving others, we can experience joy and draw closer to God.

And not all mormons like Jello I find it pretty gross personaly! And we do have TVs and electricty. Were not amish.
Julie is a Latter-Day Saint or mormon and she goes to public school. She goes to church on sunday and practices her beliefs.
by Very Frustrated April 01, 2006
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