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A Dougisim is an expression or phrase used by Dougie that explains the world in which we live. A Dougieisim is distinct from the normal hyperbole of common day empty platitudes as its accuracy and truth leave its listeners in shock and awe in its awesomeness.

It's like a really really really good observation. One that we all knew subconsciously, but it took a Dougisim for us to truly understand this on a conscious level.

Dougisims usually relate to matters of the world, finance, people, women, psychology, loss and mateship.
Dougieisim no.1: Dude, whether you go to a brothel or take a girl to dinner, either way you have to pay for it.

If it floats, flies or fucks rent it by the hour.

Motion creates Emotion.

"No" just means "try another approach but you've still got a shot".

Use an inflection to turn statements into questions to get out of anything. Example "I love you?" is a great way of getting out of saying "I love you". Easy.

I'll give you something to cry about.

I'm too old for this shit.

These girls are wetter then Toby's asshole after he got the full Amsterdam Special.

Insider trading is called that for a reason. You're either on the inside or you're not.

Getting a job is much like getting a girl. Look the part and tell them what they want to hear.

Plato said there's no such thing as the truth which means there's also no such thing as a lie as that is the absence of truth hence don't feel bad if you lie because it doesn't exist and how can you hurt someone with something that doesn't exist?

Money doesn't make you happy but it does fucking help.
by Verstorsser July 12, 2009

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