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Universally known as a peace sign thrown up and to the right.

A symbol of representation among the peers to to leave the thought in there minds......"Oh shit its that V2 Chick.......What now...."
For example prince turned himself into a symbol.....get the picture
by Veronica Chenney May 27, 2009
Giving a high five in elation....

the act of giving a high five while under the influence of intoxicants....

High fiving with style...
Matt: Dude I am so wasted...

V2: high-five-ulation man, me too!
by Veronica Chenney May 27, 2009
A Stripper / Porn Star Extrodinair...

Also known as Madame` Veronica When moonlighting as a Dominatrix...
Fred: Jimmy Buddy you doing okay lately?

Jimmy: Uhh no man I haven't been in a while and I think I need to go See Madame` Veronica again and have her work out my kinks if you know what I mean man...!

Fred: Who's Madame` Veronica...?

Jimmy: You Know Man, Veronica Californication
by Veronica Chenney November 13, 2007

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