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1. Brett is a name given to a newborn baby when his aunt and uncle..oops i mean *parents* were to drunk to give him a proper name. (also see inbreed)

2. Brett a pathetic excuse for a man. One who attempts to "woo" and "seduce" already taken girls with notes and sappy poems that would turn the most homosexual male away. Brett also likes chick flicks and cries during "The Holiday". Brett, obviously undeserving of said girl, will say to said girl he is desperate while always talking about another unsuspecting girl, which said girl, hates.

Brother: wow Burtha **HICCUP**I aint reconed that this her thing coulda come outta that der hole uf urs.
Sister: SHADDUP LEROY!! its urs ya recon?
Brother: i aint not know...**hiccup** call'um Brett..
Sister: why?
Brother: cuz he sorta resembles my dog's, Butch; butt
by Veraxes July 30, 2008

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